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wo de tian kong duo me de qing xin
My sky is so fresh and clean

tou ming de cheng nuo shi guo qu de kong qi
The clear promise is the air of the past

qian zhe wo de shou shi ni
The person holding my hand is you

但你的笑容 却看不清
dan ni de xiao rong que kan bu qing
But your smile; cannot be clearly seen

* shi fou yi ke xing xing bian le xin
Was it because a star changed its heart’s preference?

从前的愿望 也全都被抛弃
cong qian de yuan wang ye quan dou bei pao qi
The wishes of the past; have all been thrown away

zui jin wo wu fa hu xi
I can’t breathe recently

连自己的影子 都想逃避
lian zi ji de ying xi dou xiang tao bi *
Even my own shadows; I too want to escape

BABY 你就是我的唯一
** BABY ni jiu shi wo de wei yi
Baby you’re my only one

两个世界都变心 回去谈何容易
liang ge shi jie dou bian xing hui tan he rong yi
The two worlds have all changed shapes; it’s not that easy to go back

确定 你就是我的唯一
que ding ni jiu shi wo de wei yi
Assurance; you’re my only one

独自对著电话说我爱你 我真的爱你
du zi dui zhe dian hua shuo wo ai ni wo zhen de ai ni
I say I Love You alone to the phone; I really love you

BABY 我已不能多爱你一些
BABY wo yi bu neng duo ai ni yi xie **
Baby I cannot love you more than this

Repeat *
Repeat **

qi shi zao yi chao guo le ai de ji xian
Actually, it has already passed the limit of love

Repeat **


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